Where granite comes from and how it goes from the quarry to your kitchen

Granite is an amazing and quite rare stone that has incredible heat and scratch-resistant properties due to being created under immense heat and pressure, making it the perfect material for kitchen worktops. The stone is found in the continental plates of the Earth’s crust. While it exists all over the Earth, the biggest exporters are India, Brazil, China, Italy, Spain, Germany and Canada.



image displaying how granite is manufactured



Quarries & Cutting The Granit

Granite is formed from a matrix of interlocking mineral crystals under the earth this makes every piece unique due to varying mineral content. The white you see in the stone largely comes from the feldspar, while the light grey streaks are quartz and the black is mica.

It is mined out of the ground in huge blocks, up to 3.5 meters long, 2 meters wide and 2.5 meters thick, are chiselled and blasted out in quarries. These huge blocks are then moved by trucks to a cutting facility that cuts the blocks into 2-3cm slices, Diamond blades are used because the stone is so hard that diamond is all that will reliably cut it. It’s a very impressive process and the machinery used is very powerful.



Cutting & Polishing The Granite Slabs

Special diamond pads are used in stages to polish the granite to a shiny surface starting with rougher and moving the way up to finer pads to create a flawless glimmering finish as the stone initially is dull when mined.

This granite is then turned into a worktop using our special tools and is cut precisely to fit your kitchen, any cuts and visible edges are then polished by us to the same glimmering effect as the surface area polish to match.



Finishing & Installing The Granite Worktops

Depending on which cuts you have eg under mount sink and drainer grooves some of the cutting will take place with our heavier machinery at our unit and some smaller cuts and holes will be done onsite with the correct dust extractors and cutting machinery to meet health and safety standards your granite is transported to the kitchen and glued down with specialist stone glue, it’s joined using a two-part adhesive that’s colour matched to the closest possible match onsite and then some polishing/cleaning and extra sealing will take place to give you the optimum shine and a beautifully installed worktop.

The fabrication of granite worktops Requires expert craftsmanship and the use of very specialist tools but the result is amazing the colours, patterns, shine and the multiple benefits of having granite in your kitchen is incredible and your left with a Worktop that with little care will last a lifetime, There’s a reason granite has been used and is continued to be used for a very long time now and If you’re interested in one for your home or business premises please give us a call to discuss.