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“We were faced with a very technical Quartz cutting project in our home where the room is shaped in a pentagon, we were turned away by two companies before Nathan agreed to do the job and every piece was cut by hand over 4 days at our property and the outcome was seamless, amazing craftsmanship from a really friendly and informative company.”

Mrs C.Anderson

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Granite worktops are hard wearing, stain resistant and easy to clean. They provide a distinctive and luxurious look and feel and have many beautiful characteristics and our range offers a choice of nearly 80 stunning colours. Granite is a natural stone and comes from quarries from all over the world. Each piece is therefore completely unique, which is one of the reasons why granite is so popular in all types of homes and properties.

All our granite worktops are cut, shaped and finished to fit your kitchen or bathroom perfectly. Our granite worktops are also guaranteed for life.

A few of our available colours, please call if you have seen something different as we stock a wide variety of unique stone(Click on images for a larger view):